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Welcome to the new Emag of Efil Blob

Posted by on 15/08/2018

Foolish Pride Blog

What’s the meaning of this blog?

Welcome to our blob. We were instructed to create a new blog but it has become more of a blob so that is what we call it. I am T.C. Jester and I am a Complete Foole. I know some of you are thinking that’s impossible. There are many fooles out there but no one has achieved Complete Foole status. Well, my friends, I am proud to say that I have earned enough Foole Points to level up. And you can too. I have been playing the Game for a long time but 8 years ago I discovered a secret strategy to hack it. A strategy so powerful that it changed my Life. A strategy so secret that it’s been suppressed for thousands of years. And I am here to reveal it to you.

Why reveal the secret strategy now?

There are far too many players inside the Game who are unable to hack Life. Over 300 million players in our Gameworld suffer from low Happiness levels. The majority of players also have low Health meters. Studies show that 95% of players are stuck in a state of illness and can’t fully function. Life is so difficult that 800,000 players choose to exit the Game every year rather than play another day-cycle. Something is seriously wrong with our world if that many players are unable to successfully navigate Life.

Now the reason that so many players have weakened characters and can’t understand their Life purpose is that we’re running BS programs that block us from leveling up. We’ve been blocked from accessing important Life-changing info about how the Game works. We’re stuck in Survival mode or we’re thoroughly distracted from reaching Game Awareness if we have managed to level up. We’re being blocked from fully experiencing Thrive. We don’t know that our Gameworld is infected with a BS mind-virus that traps players at low levels of the Game. We have no clue that this malicious malware is preventing us from reaching Game Awareness. We have no idea that we’re all inside a massive multiplayer learning simulation. We don’t understand that we’re supposed to receive a steady stream of challenges to help us master the core curriculum. And we have no idea that Life is absurdly hard because the lessons increase in difficulty to help us continue to learn and evolve our characters.

Well, someone of us have a clue. We found ways to reach Game Awareness and figure out how to counter-hack the virus. We learned how to boost our Health and Happiness levels. We also learned the secret to become our True Selves and move up to higher levels of the Game.

We’re not keeping it a secret any longer because the fate of our Gameworld is at stake. When players are sick, miserable and distracted from their learning paths, the Game becomes corrupted. Our collective energy is needed to come back to Life and return to a state of full-flourishing-flow (F3). This is a mega shift that needs to take place. Something has to be done to change Gameworld. Something outrageous. Something only a group of fooles would dare to do.

What is the secret strategy?

Well, it’s been known by many names. It’s ancient info that was discovered thousands of year-parts ago. It allows you to hack the Game of Life and level up. We call it EMAG OF EFIL. It’s so ridiculously simple that it will make you laugh.


EMAG OF EFIL is an alternate reality game (ARG) where you complete 8 Missions to level up your Life. Some say it’s really a multiple reality game (MRG) to blow your mind. Others say that it’s a covert operation run by the Temple of the Cosmic Joke to hack our reality and prevent the Trolls from winning the Global Domination Game. That’s total nonsense.

Your secret strategy to hack the Game is a game?

Yes. The only way to truly learn is by experiencing. We’ve created a learning mod inside the Game. It’s an educational hack to put our Gameworld back on track.

How did you learn the secret strategy?

It took many years of desperate determination and lots of dumb luck. I had to face a huge number of challenges and screw up over and over. I failed, flopped, and f**ked up. I was crazy bad at Life.

While living in Australia, I discovered the Temple of the Cosmic Joke and realized I was already following the Way of the Foole. I became a translator for their esoteric book of Foolish Wisdom which explains that our entire existence is an educational game and Humorism is the path to mastering it. They call it The Temple of the Cosmic Joke Book of Utterly Useless Really Unhelpful Don’t Bother It Will Only Confuse You and Make Matters Worse Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You Game Info. It’s a terribly confusing book that makes complete nonsense and makes you go funny in the head. So, I was instructed to make it easier to read by turning it into a story about faeries and trolls for young people. The first book is called Emag of Efil and the second is Way of the Foole. It was pretty obvious to readers that these were hacker guides to Life so the Temple told me to download the third book called Mega Manual without the cover story. Some parts of Mega Manual are included in this blob.

After I was initiated into the TCJ, I was taught ancient transformation techniques to rapidly upgrade character and expand Game Awareness. When I discovered the trickster power of laughter to shift energy, my upgrade to Cosmic Jester was complete.

Guided by a team of mentors in multiple realms, I created a project to activate and inspire people to let go of BS, take back their power and lighten up. Now I share the Joke through EMAG OF EFIL. As a former depressed drone who learned how to Find the Funny and create a Happy Life by completing the 8 Missions, I can verify that they work. Having discovered the secret, I am devoted to helping others master the Game of Life and earn #foolepoints by collectively changing the world. My current mission is to activate and inspire others to hack reality so we can all lead a more peaceful, joyful, playful, free-spirited existence.

Why is this strategy better than other Life strategies?

It’s more fun.

How do I play EMAG OF EFIL?

Complete the 8 missions in order to level up. Then you can join an elite team of players who are…well, we can’t reveal that at this time. Rest assured, it involves high level reality hacking. Or not. We can neither confirm nor deny such things.

Why should I play EMAG OF EFIL?

To make a Complete Foole of yourself.

Why would I want to do such a ridiculous thing?

Because it’s the secret to upgrading your system. You see, we’ve been taught that feeling like fooles means we’re losers. We’ve been programmed to fear our own foolishness. But that’s bogus. The foole is actually the most powerful player character in the Game. The foole is a free spirit. That’s part of the secret. The foole is fearless. The foole takes risks. The foole speaks truth. The foole dares to face challenges and laugh them off. And the foole has the power of positive energy. Because the foole is armed with a powerful weapon. Humor. It is the 8th sense and the one that can help you hack reality.

Do you really believe this strategy can change the world?

Yes. We know it sounds foolish but we are a group of fooles. This strategy isn’t new. It’s just been suppressed. The missions are based on proven techniques to transform players and shift them back to a Positive Life Path. These techniques have been used for thousands of years and are being rediscovered and validated by modern science. Some may decide this is total twaddle but we hope you noodle your way through the nonsense.

How can I learn more? How do I play EMAG OF EFIL?

Come join us on this foolish adventure as we play the Game of Life through the prism of the Cosmic Joke. We’re thrilled you’re ready to play the real Game. It’s time to tackle the 8 Missions and join us. Welcome to EMAG OF EFIL. One game to hack them all.

What do you think?