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Terms & Conditions

EMAG OF EFIL is for players 13 and up.

This site was created by a group of fooles.  Our Game of Life strategy is total nonsense.    It is not the only way to play.   Question everything.  Including what you read here.  You are a free player who can choose how to play the Game of Life and which team to play on.  We’re all in this Game together but each of us must decide what sort of Game we’d like to play.  You are responsible for your choices in the Game.

If you choose to play EMAG OF EFIL, you accept full liability for your foolishness.  You agree to play peacefully and positively.  You agree to be considerate and compassionate towards other players.  And you agree to never be icky.  This is the Way of the Foole.

Warning: Icks don’t want you to play EMAG OF EFIL.  They don’t want you to be aware and question and think.  They don’t want you to reach Game Awareness and level up to the Mega Game.  Icks want you to think you are crazy for questioning their mini-games and feeling distressed by them.  Icks want you to consume pills that block Game Awareness.  Icks make a lot of money selling pills that turn players into zombies.

Icks don’t want you to know that you can raise your own Happiness Meter.  They don’t want you to know that you can destroy Game Distress with a humor power-up.  They don’t want you to just say no to zombification and play happy.  Silly Icks.