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EMAG OF EFIL: Mission 1 – Awareness

Question everything. This is your first mission. Like all 8 Missions, the first one can seem simple but it has many layers. Life is like an onion and questions help you peel it. Like an onion, there can be tears if you just slice away without being mindful but it is also delicious when sautéed … Continue reading »

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Game of Life Hacker Manual Now Available as eBooks

So this happened. On the Day of Fooles.  We planned to release the first two EMAG OF EFIL ebooks into the wild with much fanfare.  It was the perfect way to celebrate the auspicious occasion. We were very excited indeed. Until we discovered that it takes 12+ hours for the titles to actually appear in the … Continue reading »

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 In honor of Independence Day, we’re releasing Chapter 5 of Emag of Efil.  In this excerpt from Book I, Sofee begins to discover the meaning of freedom.  And why it is important to JUST ASK… **********      EMAG OF EFIL CHAPTER 5 JUST ASK      When Headmaster had finished comparing Sofee to a … Continue reading »

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