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Help  us take the EMAG OF EFIL project to the next level. Fooles Group is producing the project on our own and we need assistance with funding, promotion, and production.  It would be most excellent if you could…

Buy Books

Now you can own the first two books in the Emag of Efil series — Emag of Efil and Way of the Foole — and go funny in the head.  If you got a book for free, please buy one as a gift for someone else.  Give copies to the young adults and adults you know who are ready to learn the secret strategy to playing a happy Game of Life.

Spread the Word

Join the Team

Are you a high level foole?  Join us and help produce the project. We need your crazy skillz to realize our insane vision. There’s lots more planned so we need to grow the team.  If you’re a wacky writer, demented designer, devious developer, game guru, social media maven, or boffo biz strategist, please contact us.