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“About 13 billion years ago,the Cosmic Joke came into existence and established its ridiculous realm.  Some call it a practical joke.  We call it the Game.  We are all part of it.  But not everyone is aware of it.  That’s part of the Joke.  Oh sure, we could go on about ancient secrets and hidden truths and whatnot but we prefer to tell you a story.  About a Book.  About a Game.  One Game to trump them all.”

Welcome to the mind-blowing  book series that will make you question everything.  Here’s a hacker guide to the Game you were born to play.  But remember to read between the lines to get the real story.


Emag of EfilEver wonder what people mean when they tell you that you need to learn how to play the Game?  What is the Game and why is it so important?  In Book I, Emag of Efil, Fred and Sofee reach Game Awareness and discover they’re inside a Massive Conscious Character Multiple Reality Game (CCMRG).  Armed with a cryptic Game Manual hidden inside a fantasy book, Sofee and Fred must figure out how to play while preventing the Icks from seizing the Manual and destroying it.  Along the way, our heroes travel to Australia to find the connection between Killer Kuddlies, HOCs, Global Cyber Games, surfing, Most Excellent Selves, Psychic Internet, Humungo Chess, and the Mega Game.  Having proven their stellar skillz and exceptional foolishness, Fred and Sofee are recruited by the Temple of the Cosmic Joke to become secret agents.



Way of the FoolAre you ready to make a Complete Foole of yourself?  Then prepare to level up with Sofee and Fred as they embark on the next adventure in the EMAG OF EFIL.  In order to learn the WAY OF THE FOOLE, the bookworm and the gamer geek must face a whole new set of challenges involving killer robots, telepathic rats, psycho bosses, zombies, lunatic dictators, X-mime, and the Oldest Trick in the Book.  The secrets of the Temple of the Cosmic Joke are about to be revealed but the only way to access the Foolish Mysteries is to fly by the seat of your pants and find the Legendary Barrel of Laughs.



TC jester HeadshotT.C. Jester is a writer, producer, and level 888 foole. After many years of playing the Game, she has made a Complete Foole of herself and formulated a unified theory to explain the absurdity of the universe. It was in Australia, the land of cheerful surfers with no worries, that T.C. located the Temple of the Cosmic Joke. Struck by the coincidence of their identical initials, T.C. discovered that it was a HOC (Helpful Occurring Clue) and learned about the Foolish Mysteries and how they relate to the Game of Life. She created the transmedia narrative, EMAG OF EFIL, based on The Temple of the Cosmic Joke Book of Utterly Useless Really Unhelpful Don’t Bother It Will Only Confuse You and Make Matters Worse Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You Game Info. This is the first time the esoteric teachings of the Temple of the Cosmic Joke have been revealed to the public and T.C. continues to translate the nonsense. She is currently working on Book III, Foolish Nature, and developing more ways to hack the Game of Life.


“Wow!!  What a cool book.” –Liam

“This is farking funny…Oh you don’t know, I am rolling on the floor…What an excellent writer.”–Maria

“Just like a modern Alice in Wonderland’-fast moving and absorbing,” –Louise

“Loved it. Very clever.” –Jodi

“It’s lovely to read and f****ing funny/ insightful/ trippy/ generous and tender.”  –Sam

“Cool.  Unpredictable in a good kinda way. Can I read the next one soon?” –Olivia

“It’s like Harry Potter on crack.” –Tim

T.C. Jester has “made an art of taking the banal throw away comments that people make every day and turning them into nonsensical extremes that force you to question what we say and think and feel.”–Douglas

“Funny and fast moving.”  –Mark

“…the mutant love-child of The Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer [by Neal Stephenson] and a smart-assed AI, served with a good helping of Descartes and other philosophers added on for good measure…it had me laughing out loud by the fifth page or so, and kept it up for a good while. It’s well worth checking out.”–Spec8472

“A really good adventure.” –Eleanor

“Loved the book, Sofee was me a lifetime ago.” –Amanda

“The Emag of Efil was in my dream last night. I think I heard the Cosmic Joke, but How Does It End?! Now I’m Questioning Everything.”–@Ocean

“I love the characters…and I love the tone in which the book is written A LOT…it’s like Harry Potter with tons more possibilities.” –Jen

“It’s about a boy and a girl who find a new world right here and a book with a manual inside it.  It was really interesting, especially the Icks.  I want to read the next book.  I’d like to play Humungo Chess and Killer Kuddlies to see if Sofee’s way works.” –Braiden

“I loved it!  I could completely live by your philosophy.” –Sarah

“The best part about the series is that is is about ordinary people and the names are quite funny.”–Rachel

“It’s exactly the sort of thing I would have liked to have heard as a kid, but didn’t, because nothing like this existed.” –David

“The book gets under your skin and makes you think and question everything.” –Shawn

What do you think?