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EMAG OF EFIL is the Game of Life played through the prism of the Cosmic Joke.

Where does the Game take place?

The Game takes place all around us.  You could say it exists in cyberspace, bodyspace and mindspace.  It’s a CCMRG.

What is a CCMRG?

Conscious Character Multiple Reality Game.

What does that mean?

Ah, it is up to you to figure that out.  But we will be providing clues.

Is EMAG OF EFIL just a book series?

It’s a whole lot more.

Who is it for?

Players 13+ who want to be free of the BS and level up to a happier, more meaningful Game of Life.

Are you saying Life is like a game or that we are actually inside a massive game?

Excellent question.

Is the Temple of the Cosmic Joke real?

Its members say it’s all in your head.

If Life is a meaningless Game, why bother?

The greatest challenge of the Game is to find your own meaning.  That’s what makes the Game so amazing—you are free to play as you choose and create your goals.

Why is Life so hard?

An easy game wouldn’t be much fun, would it?

Is this all a big Joke?


Who is T.C. Jester?

T.C. Jester is a writer, philosopher, and a leading voice in the Foolish Pride movement. After many years of playing the Game, she has made a Complete Foole of herself and formulated a unified theory to explain the absurdity of the universe. It was in Australia, the land of cheerful surfers with no worries, that T.C. located the Temple of the Cosmic Joke. Struck by the coincidence of their identical initials, T.C. discovered that it was a HOC (Helpful Occurring Clue) and learned about the Foolish Mysteries and how they relate to the Game of Life. She created the EMAG OF EFIL Project based on The Temple of the Cosmic Joke Book of Utterly Useless Really Unhelpful Don’t Bother It Will Only Confuse You and Make Matters Worse Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You Game Info. This is the first time the esoteric teachings of the Temple of the Cosmic Joke have been revealed to the public.

What is the point of the EMAG OF EFIL Project?

Our mission is to awaken players to the absurd nature of reality so they can liberate themselves through laughter. We believe that by increasing Game Awareness, players can free themselves from Icky mini-games and have happier, more meaningful lives. Our goal is to change Gameworld so it is fairer, more fun, and peaceful.

How will I know when I’ve made a complete foole of myself?

Trust us, you’ll know.

Is this a shell game to recruit agents for the Temple of the Cosmic Joke in order to run covert humorist operations to subvert the Icks and prevent them from winning the Global Domination Game?

Really?  That’s a foolish question.

Can I create EMAG OF EFIL inspired stuff?

Yes.  The EMAG OF EFIL Project is Creative Commons which means some rights are reserved.You are welcome to create and share as long as you don’t try to sell it.  Send us your creations and we’ll feature them on the site.  That’s worth FP++

6 Responses to Question

  1. Jane

    Between you and Busywine’, we are spoiled!This is a manncfiiegt book(s). The design and production standards hail back to the golden era of private presses. It is a breathtaking achievement for a press of Barbarian’s size to produce such a set of volumes.The layout looks wonderful, the wood engravings are manncfiiegt and I know the production values will be to the highest standards.This is one of those books we will be reading about for years to come.I really appreciate being able to view your images of this book and really enjoyed reading your review thank you!Best regards,Neil

    • T.C. Jester

      Neil, we suspect you’re singing the praises of some other set of volumes. But we hold out hope that perhaps you might have enjoyed our foolish scribblings as well. If not, please do check out “Emag of Efil” and “Way of the Foole.” They are surely a breathtaking achievement in the sense that you’ll be gasping for breath once you get the joke.

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