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Play Emag of Efil


Do you ever feel like a foole? Having trouble figuring out how to get through Life? Want to learn how to hack it? Welcome to EMAG OF EFIL. It’s a game that rewards you for making a foole of yourself in order to master Life. Fulfill 8 Missions to enhance your character, earn Foole Points, and level up. Personal transformation doesn’t have to be serious work. Now you can play to become your True Self. Activate your sense of humor to hack reality and upgrade your existence. EMAG OF EFIL offers a fun way to set yourself free from blockers for a happier, more meaningful existence.

Ready to play?  Excellent.  Now you must prove that you are Most Excellent.  We will be giving you a series of missions.  If anyone asks, you are just playing some silly games.  These missions are not part of a secret operation.  You are not being recruited as an agent by a clandestine Humorist organization.  Your cooperative play could not potentially disrupt Gameworld.  You will not be part of a series of Game of Life hacks.  You are just a foole.  As are we.  And together we’re going to launch something momentously foolish.  HA!

Be aware. By playing these games, your actions can affect and inspire the people around you. Certain situations, storylines, and conversation options will change drastically depending on your thoughts, decisions and tactical maneuvers.  Your choices determine how you will view the world and how it views you.  These games are all about collective play. We encourage you to play with others and join the community.



Complete the 8 Missions and earn enough Foole Points to level up to Complete Foole status.  You can then be considered for the Mega Agent Program, initiated to the Foolish Mysteries and sent on top secret missions.  But if anyone asks, just say you received a nifty badge.




Step 1.0: Complete Missions. There are 8 Missions. Focus on one mission at a time. Practice the mission as many times as you need in order to master it. It’s up to you to decide when you’ve completed the level and are ready for the next mission. Spend at least one week on each mission. Many players choose to give themselves more time. It’s totally up to you. EMAG OF EFIL is not a race. Take as much time as you need to acquire the abilities so they become your personal power-ups. There will be Bonus Missions as well to help you hone your skills and earn extra #foolepoints. You can find the latest missions here and on our Facebook page

  • Step 2.0: Submit Mission Reports. Each time you complete one of the 8 Missions or Bonus Missions, post a Mission Report on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. Include: (a) description of how you fulfilled the mission, (b) photo or video as proof of your accomplishment, and (c) the number of #foolepoints you earned and (d) identifying hashtags #emagofefil #8missions. {Example: Farted loudly during meeting, cracked a joke and laughed it off. #foolepoints earned for #emagofefil #8missions}. Your Mission Report should include date, location, and documentation. Documentation can include text description, links to photos, or videos.  You can fulfill missions with other players and we encourage you to play together.
  • Step 3.0: Award yourself Foole Points for your Mission. It’s up to you. You get to score yourself.
  • Step 4.0: Become a Mega Agent. Once you complete all 8 Missions, you can be considered for the Mega Agent Program. To become an Agent, you’ll need to be able to fulfill all 8 Missions daily. Only a Person of Uncommon Sense will be able to do this. The Mega Agent Program is for those who can rack up #foolepoints with little effort. Once it becomes second nature, you’re ready for the upper levels of the Game. contact us to request admittance to the Temple of the Cosmic Joke. Tell us how you completed the training and why you are ready to be initiated into the Foolish Mysteries.


Every time you complete a mission, you earn #foolepoints. And you get to award them to yourself. You can decide how many #foolepoints you deserve. This is your Game. Mastering the mission is what matters. Your #foolepoints are Life XP. They reward you for your experiences while also tracking your level of freedom and awareness. The more you earn, the more liberated you become so you can realize your full potential. Your #foolepoints help you track your transformation and connect with all the other free spirits worldwide.

Players can earn additional #foolepoints for random acts of foolishness (RAF). These special Bonus Points are often earned accidentally without even trying. They can include bungling, bumping, burping, erring, failing, falling, farting, flipping out, flopping, forgetting, goofing, ripping, slipping, spilling, tripping and otherwise revealing your inner Foole. #foolepoints can also be earned for how you behave towards others including amusing, daring, delighting, entertaining, giving, helping, and inspiring. Any time you stand out from the crowd by being a positive, free spirit, you earn more #foolepoints. You can award #foolepoints to yourself or to others. Be aware, #foolepoints are a reward so they’re only used to honor someone.


We’re delighted you’re playing EMAG OF EFIL and hope you have an amazingly awesome adventure.  We love your feedback so if you have ideas, suggestions or questions, please let us know.  Have fun!  Play well!  May the Foolishness be ever in your favor!



For the latest mission, go here.

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