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EMAG OF EFIL: Mission 1 – Awareness

Posted by on 15/08/2018

Emag of Efil Mission 1 - Question EverythingQuestion everything. This is your first mission. Like all 8 Missions, the first one can seem simple but it has many layers. Life is like an onion and questions help you peel it. Like an onion, there can be tears if you just slice away without being mindful but it is also delicious when sautéed with some olive oil. Not that one should avoid tears. They are part of the experience. So is the olive oil. Bon appetite.

What? Seriously? That’s the first mission? Why? What does it mean? Where do the onions come in? Who do you think you are? Are you crazy? How can that possibly help me upgrade my system? What is the meaning of this?

And so it begins. Feel free to fill in your own queries. Those were just a few to get you started. Remember, this is all a Game and the 8 Missions are empowering you to hack it. Questioning is the way to access wisdom. And knowledge is power. Really. You’ve heard that before because it’s true. In fact, you may find yourself saying “duh, I’ve heard that before” a lot when you play EMAG OF EFIL. And that’s because you needed to hear it before. Now you’re hearing it again because you clearly didn’t pay enough attention before. The way the Game of Life works is that you will receive information over and over and experience the same events until you master them. Then you can move on to the next level.

Why should I question everything?

Asking questions is the way to activate your awareness. You have to open your mind to initiate the upgrade program. The challenge is figuring out which questions to ask. Life is a learning Game. Some say it is a massive game of Hide & Seek. The truth is hidden and we must seek it. That is our purpose here. Others say the Hide & Seek game is part of a larger Mind Game and this Multiverse is made up of layers and layers of games like a massive onion. The Onion of Crazy. Wait, we already did the onion bit. How about a strudel. That’s got layers and it won’t make you cry. The Multiverse is one massive strudel of absurdity. (Note: The Strudel Theory was first proposed by Theodore Charles Jullip in 1588.)

But we’re getting ahead. We don’t want to boggle your mind with answers right now. That’s not the purpose of EMAG OF EFIL. This game is to inspire you to ask your own questions and seek your own answers. To discover who you are and the meaning of your life. Mission 1 kick-starts the whole process.

Can I question some things but not others?

You can do whatever you choose. We all have free will in the Game of Life. You don’t have to do anything. You are a free spirit. That’s one of goals of the 8 Missions – to help you realize that you are free to be and do what you choose. However, to receive the full benefit of Mission 1, there can be no exceptions to questioning. You must be willing to question everything about yourself and your world. This includes your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behavior, assumptions, past, present, and future. It also includes what you’ve read, heard, seen, and been taught. Everything. Once you start, it will be impossible to stop.

Game Awareness

But won’t questioning everything open a can of worms?

Questioning everything can open cans of worms, expose quantum wormholes, and help you worm your way into new realities. It’s all good. The 8 Missions always operate for your highest good. They’re a hack to help you accelerate your positive learning path. Questioning arms you with information. It boosts your strength. Yes, it can uncover things but that is the point. What you hide creates havoc. One of the goals of the 8 Missions is to allow you to step into your full power so bravery is going to be required. You’re hacking the Fear Program that’s been holding you back thanks to your Bogus Self. If you prefer to avoid dealing with what comes up and want to just hang with your BS then this isn’t the game for you. You’d be better off with Solitaire. It’s not as much fun and won’t blow your mind but it may distract you for a while. EMAG OF EFIL is the opposite of distraction. It’s about opening up to the Life you are meant to lead. First, you have to build up your character and remove all that is blocking you.

Isn’t this incredibly foolish?

Absolutely. We are sharing the ancient secrets to becoming a free spirit and mastering the Game of Life. The 8 Missions are an initiation into the Way of the Foole. All of the Missions will challenge you to think, feel, and grow. They will take you out of that place you’ve been hiding in. That place you’ve been stuck in thinking it was your fate. The 8 Missions will introduce you to an awesome expanded Gameworld that’s been waiting for you. It all starts with questioning your reality.

Can I question the act of questioning everything?

Yes! That is how many players earn their first #foolepoints. By questioning the act of questioning, you are engaging in counter-programming. You see, you have been programmed not to question. You’ve been taught to follow the leader, teacher, parent, boss and celebrity spokesperson. To do what you are told. To be what you see. To want, desire, feel inadequate without buying things and changing to be like everyone else. You’ve been taught that there is a character state called “normal & happy” and it is reached by doing what you are told. By obeying the rules of others. By believing without thinking. Questioning is the act of a rebel. Questioning is what awakens your mind and begins to free it from the BS programs that are controling it. Questioning allows you to access the higher level of happiness that comes from within you without money, things or magic pills.

How do I question everything?

We recommend starting with the basics. What? and Why? Questions are like mushrooms. Or rabbits. They multiply rapidly. Asking one will lead to more. The first step is to ask questions about all the things you ignore. Then you ask questions about the things you think you already know the answers to. Then you ask questions about the things you want to know the answers to but didn’t dare ask.

The 3 Key Questions

When you’re ready for the Big Questions then there are three key ones that unlock high level information. Be aware, these are powerful questions that can unlock a lot of information. Ask the Big Questions only if you are ready for big answers.


Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is the meaning of this?

Ask the Big Questions and the answers will start pouring in from all directions. There are other Big Questions but these are the key questions that unlock everything else. This is a major Game of Life hack. De nada.

What happens after I question everything?

After you learn to question, you must open up to the answers. They can come from unexpected places. Messages, books, billboards, pictures, movies, TV, road signs, graffiti, random strangers, and other content. Remember, everyone is a teacher and everything is instructional in the Game of Life. Be open to information. Be aware that much of the info is coded and your mission is to decipher it. Also, be sure to question the messages when they appear. Whatever the source of your information, question it. Some info will be helpful and some will be BS. Developing your BS Detector is how you improve your navigation and boost your Life success. This is a challenging Game. It’s not easy but it’s ridiculously rewarding.

How do I know when I’ve completed Mission 1?

You’ll never actually complete Mission 1 or any of the 8 Missions. You just feel ready to move onto the next mission. When you feel like you’ve reached a state where you’re comfortable questioning everything and you’ve unlocked info that is making your head spin then you’re ready for Mission 2. Because once you’ve started the Cosmic Q&A, it’s time to Find the Funny.

You’ll need to submit your Mission 1 Report first to earn #foolepoints before you move on to Mission 2. Post your Mission Report with description of how you questioned everything with photo or video (if relevant) on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter with #emagofefil #foolepoints #8missions

Good luck! May the foolishness be ever in your favor!

Click here for info on how to play EMAG OF EFIL and submit Mission Reports.



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