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Emag of Efil Mission: Get a Clue

Posted by on 15/08/2012

“The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes,” said Johann von Goethe.  It is one of the great absurdities of the Game of Life that we search for answers but often overlook them when they appear.  That’s because answers rarely appear all in one place.  They tend to pop up as pieces and it is our task to put the puzzle together.

Henry David Thoreau explained: “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”  Some spend their whole lives looking and never see what is in front of them.  They wonder why the Game of Life is so terribly hard and distressing.


They wish they could get some help. Well, help is not only on the way , it’s already here.  All around you.  You just have to look.  And see.

One of the wonderful things about the Game of Life is that everyone is playing.  And those who are awake and aware offer assistance to players who are struggling to figure out how it all works.  These helpful hints can appear anywhere — sidewalks, street corners, billboards, and lamp posts.  There tend to be more of them in cities because there are more players.  Some are scribbled.  Some are painted.  And some are posted.  These “street tweets” are all around you in a vast offline social network of players. Once you become aware of them, you’ll see that there are messages everywhere.

And they can be quite helpful indeed. That’s why we call them HOCs which is short for Helpful Occurring Clues.

Sometimes HOCs are in the eye of the beholder.  A well-timed street sign can spark an insight about how to play the Game of Life as well as something randomly discarded or a not-so-very random message on the wall

This brings us to your Bonus Mission which is worth Bonus #foolepoints: GET A CLUE.

Go outside and find a Helpful Occurring Clue.  Take a photo and submit your Mission Report on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter with #emagofefil #foolepoints #8missions

For extra ++Bonus Points, grab a piece of chalk and create your own HOC.  Keep it positive. Snap a photo and submit on social media per the above instructions.  Make sure your Mission Report states that you created the HOC.  If anyone submits a photo of your HOC, you get +++Bonus Points.

Have you ever noticed the HOCs?  Do you see messages where others do not?  Tell us about it. Then go find some more HOCs to complete your mission!  Happy Hunting!



8 Responses to Emag of Efil Mission: Get a Clue

  1. T.C. Jester

    We do hope there are more pleasurable situations ahead! Thank you for drafting a little bit of word.

  2. Alma

    HoHo, this is a beauty! Appreciate it!

  3. May

    You are so awesome for helping me solve this mystery.

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    • T.C. Jester

      It’s true, we usually aren’t in the least bit serious but in this specific we are. We hope you and Greg Jennings get a clue so you can complete Mission 5. It will help you generate whatever you like.

    • Sanjay

      Boy that really helps me the heck out.

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