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Emag of Efil Mission 2: Find the Funny

Posted by on 06/05/2012

Mission 2: Find the Funny

Today is World Laughter Day!  HA!

As the wise foole, Mark Twain, said: “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”  Laughter is one of the most potent power-ups in the Game of Life. Once you know how to deploy it in any circumstance you’ll find the Game is infinitely easier.

Most fooles can find the funny and laugh when the Game is easy and there are few challenges.  But it takes a foole with strong skillz to find the funny when faced with difficult challenges (aka whammys). Especially when faced with double and even triple whammys.  And it takes special skillz to be able to find the funny when those around you cannot.

So in honor of World Laughter Day, we are releasing Mission #2.  Your mission is to Find the Funny and report back when, where, and how you did it.  Tell us about a time when you faced a situation that made you mad or sad or scared or bummed and you were able to turn it around and laugh.  What was your secret to finding the funny?


Post your Mission Report on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter with #emagofefil #foolepoints #8missions so we can track our agents in training. Not really. Ha. Ha. Ha. We meant to write “awesome players who are just playing a silly ARG.” We’re not actually tracking anyone. Just a joke.

And for those of you who want an extra challenge, here’s a bonus mission…

Bonus Mission: Help Someone Else Find the Funny

This is worth extra #foolepoints.

Your bonus mission is to help someone else who is facing a single, double or triple whammy to laugh.  Let us know how you accomplished it.  And encourage the person who laughed to award him or herself #foolepoints and post them.

May the fooles be with you!


6 Responses to Emag of Efil Mission 2: Find the Funny

  1. Rachy

    When my mother ate chips in such a funny way she made me laugh my head off . #myFP 23

    • Hardja

      Ouch…sensitive subject. I had a nicmkane for half my elementary school years and jr. high. My name is Rebecca but most of the kids called me “Rejecta”. Nice. That one just stuck until I changed to a private high school 30 minutes away by public bus. In college the girls started calling me Becky. I’d been Rebecca for most of my life (no one EVER called me Becky in my family or circle of friends). I would correct my college buds but they ignored me. Becky morphed to Bicky and, oddly, Bickford. By the time I met my future husband, the “Becky” nicmkane had firmly stuck and I’ve been called that ever since (except when I am visiting my parents.)

  2. Denise

    while your roommates mom tells you she takes back all the good things she said about you because you ask to meet the new subletter, you just sit there laughing rolling your eyes #myfp 8

    • Janett

      your mind is actually cmtlleoepy open..the limitations we feel is because of our own prejudices..that we know something ..and which causes you to discard any new thing at its very first sight only even without thinking over it and its probability of being so, because it does not match with what you already know..if you really want to keep your mind free and ready to know everything you are actually reversing the process..and the method to do it is by accepting the possible existence of all kinds of knowledge coming to you and letting them just be in your mind..time will test if there is even a grain of truth in a statement of someone or any other kind of knowledge..and then you wont need to discard will not be a question worthy enough for you to even think over something very superficial when you reach a deeper realm..and you go deeper by thinking over things yourself and not borrowing knowledge of someone else..although what others have told you would act as a direction giving light houses..experiment..dissect the body and see yourself how many muscles are there innervated by median nerve..and if you cant do it now dont just discard what is given in every other book just because they dont match with the book you have read..

      • Lyndee

        Wheover wrote this, you know how to make a good article.

        • T.C. Jester

          And you know how to make a good comment. Thanks for helping us find the funny.

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