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EMAG OF EFIL: Make a Foole of Yourself

Posted by on 01/04/2018






BRIEFING DATE: 1 April 2018

* * * * *


Dear Person of Uncommon Sense:

You are hereby authorised to proceed with all due speed and caution upon your undertaking. Hereafter, this matter shall be referred to only as OPERATION OOFLE. As a member of OPERATION OOFLE, your participation will involve a series of Humorist Missions in escalating difficulty and import. These missions will be referred to as ‘games.’ Along with your fellow agents, you will ‘play’ these ‘games’ in order to ‘earn’ enough collective ‘points’ to ‘level up’ to the next ‘assignment.’

Your advancement in the [dis]organization depends on your level of achievement. Should you prove yourself to be a Complete Foole with exceptional skills, you will be considered for the Mega Agent Program. Be aware, many new agents believe they can wipe everyone else off the MAP but you will fall off the MAP if you try to blow anyone off the MAP. You can put yourself on the MAP if you are willing to MAP out a plan. Also, the MAP is very difficult to access and must be read upside down.

Should there be a breach in security, the existence of OPERATION OOFLE will be denied. There is no EMAG OF EFIL Project and you are not part of a global counter-Troll operation. This is all nonsense. We are not real. The Temple of the Cosmic Joke is in your head. Play well. Good luck.

Signed off by:

The Fooles



15 Responses to EMAG OF EFIL: Make a Foole of Yourself

  1. T.C. Jester

    We’re not entirely sure why picking goebrsorries is foolish, however, finding a recipe where there is none is quite foolish indeed so we’ll award you #myFP 8 for your efforts.

  2. RDG

    I don’t remember my personal Skype name, so I sometimes use my work for personal conversations (after hours, of course). My mom signed in, and before I looked to see who I was writing, I sent “Xoxoxo.” It went to our IT guy instead! How foolish do I feel?

  3. Pizzaman

    Then I thought I was half pizza

    • T.C. Jester

      Thinking of oneself as a Pizza-Cat sounds quite foolish. And I would imagine your fur would be very cheesy. #myFP 8

    • Spyderpan

      That is strange. I am talking to myself it seems

      • T.C. Jester

        Talking to oneself is certainly foolish. We officially award you #myFP 8 for your accomplishment.

        Did you do it in a loud voice in a public place? Did it involve a silly accent? That would be worth an extra #myFP 8 bonus points.

  4. Pizzaman

    I thought I was half cat

  5. rachy

    I used to believe everything my dad said. Actually that should level me to fp8 what a Foole was I

    • T.C. Jester

      I used to assume other people were honest. Then I learned some Foolish Wisdom — honesty is proven by action not words. I also learned that the most powerful players in the Game of Life are the ones who are honest. Those who speak truth are loved and respected by other players for their bravery and strength. The funny thing about truth is that it wants to be known and no matter how hard you try to hide it, truth reveals itself. In a battle between truth and lies, truth always wins. 🙂

  6. RDG

    I told a room full of people that the sensation of of dried, sour cherries exploding in my mouth brings me immense joy.

    • T.C. Jester

      Wonderful! #myFP 8 for exploding cherries!

      • Fabiola

        Here on Martha’s Vineyard (no not the nemesis Martha) our ltitle island in the gulf stream, we are deeply involved in organic farming and agriculture and the slow food movement. Even have all our four legged food critters as well as our poultry, range grazed and grass fed and are now moving to having an on island abbatoir instead of the present mobile slaughtering set-up. Even have a new dairy that sells unpasteurized milk.So I am delighted to read about your successful cultivation of gooseberries. What a terrific idea and so Dickensian. At our monthly potluck this Thursday at the Agricultural Hall I hope to interest some of the farmers and avid gardeners here in cultivating them. Gooseberries are listed in my Great Fruit And Vegetable Guide! Who knew. Also thanks for all the great research.Hope you will visit someday ..

        • T.C. Jester

          It certainly sounds lovely there on Math’s Vineyard! And though we have not actually successful cultivated gooseberries, that may be because we’ve never actually tried. We are terribly intrigued by this mysterious fascination with gooseberries that several of our prospective agents seem to have. Gooseberry fascination is terribly foolish…as is the posting of comments on entirely the wrong blog. #myFP 8 for you. And we are most eager to visit. Will you be serving gooseberry pie?!!

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