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Don’t Be a Foole

Posted by on 21/12/2014

No Laughing


Don’t be a foole. People say this to each other a lot. It’s a common warning that appears across many cultures. People seem to agree that being a foole is a very bad thing. But why? What are they really saying?


Don’t do whatever you’re about to do.
Don’t be stupid. Or silly. Or strange
Don’t look different.
Don’t be awkward.
Don’t behave that way.
Don’t be odd. Or weird. Or unique.
Don’t ignore what others think.
Don’t challenge.
Don’t break the rules.
Don’t fall. Or flop. Or fail.
Don’t go your own way
Don’t be a free spirit.
Don’t believe in something.
Don’t follow your dreams
Don’t feel strongly.
Don’t fall in love.
Don’t take a risk
Don’t reveal your true self.
Don’t rock the boat.
Don’t make a mess.
Don’t ask questions.
Don’t think for yourself.
Don’t speak out
Don’t say what you really think.
Don’t challenge authority.
Don’t be bold. Or brave. Or fearless.
Don’t be optimistic.
Don’t appear crazy.
Don’t care so much.
Don’t laugh.
Don’t joke.
Don’t reveal the truth.
Don’t try to change the world.
Don’t you dare.

Because people might laugh at you.

Seriously? So what? Let them laugh. And think. And be inspired by your foolishness. Those who tell you not to be a foole are scared. They belong to the cult of cool which convinces everyone to conform. But the joke is that non-conformists lead more interesting lives. So don’t try to be cool. Be a foole.


What do you think?