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ICK & Troll watch

How to Hack the Corporate Game

Want to know how to win the Corporate Game? You can’t. Really. It’s impossible.  The Corporate Game is a mind-boggling battle for power and money. Millions of people spend much of their lives playing and they never even come close to winning.  The odds are stacked against you. Why play? Great question. Seems obvious. If … Continue reading »

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Dating Game Decipher: Vaporships with Disappearing Future Fakers

Have you ever thought you were starting a relationship with someone but it turned out to be imaginary?  That person seemed to be what you were looking for. Said all the right things.  Flirted and flattered and filled your head with a romantic fun-filled future.  You bantered and connected and it felt so easy.  He … Continue reading »

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The Real Zombie Apocalypse

In Miami, a homeless man tried to save face but his crazed attacker was too busy consuming it. In New Jersey, a cornered man didn’t have the guts to face the cops because he’d ripped them out and thrown them. In Maryland, a college student had a heart…and some brain. And in Canada, a porn … Continue reading »

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