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Author Archives: T.C. Jester

EMAG OF EFIL: Mission 1 – Awareness

Question everything. This is your first mission. Like all 8 Missions, the first one can seem simple but it has many layers. Life is like an onion and questions help you peel it. Like an onion, there can be tears if you just slice away without being mindful but it is also delicious when sautéed … Continue reading »

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EMAG OF EFIL: The 8 Missions to Hack Life & Boost Happiness

Are you looking for a way to change your Life? Have you tried to “play the game” but found it fake, frustrating, and unfulfilling? Does the self-help-transformation stuff out there seem way too woo-woo and serious? Well, now there’s another option: The 8 Missions. What are the 8 Missions? The 8 Missions are a strategy … Continue reading »

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Emag of Efil: The 8 Missions – Time to Play

The time has come to reveal our first mission.  But before you accept this mission, please read our Game Info and Terms & Conditions so you know what kind of nonsense you’re getting into. Consider yourself warned. The Way of the Foole is filled with outrageous challenges. You will need to keep your wit about you. May … Continue reading »

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Welcome to the new Emag of Efil Blob

What’s the meaning of this blog? Welcome to our blob. We were instructed to create a new blog but it has become more of a blob so that is what we call it. I am T.C. Jester and I am a Complete Foole. I know some of you are thinking that’s impossible. There are many … Continue reading »

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EMAG OF EFIL: Make a Foole of Yourself

  ****************** *   TOP SECRET * ****************** SUBJECT: OPERATION OOFLE BRIEFING DATE: 1 April 2018 * * * * * MEMORANDUM FOR MISSION PARTICIPANT Dear Person of Uncommon Sense: You are hereby authorised to proceed with all due speed and caution upon your undertaking. Hereafter, this matter shall be referred to only as OPERATION OOFLE. … Continue reading »

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Emag of Efil Mission: Hack Loneliness

Loneliness is one of the greatest challenges in the Game of Life. It’s also one of the greatest absurdities. Everyone faces loneliness at some point. It can appear at any level of the Game and even when you think you’ve conquered it, the monster reappears in all its slimy, nasty glory. Some say loneliness can’t … Continue reading »

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Don’t Be a Foole

  Don’t be a foole. People say this to each other a lot. It’s a common warning that appears across many cultures. People seem to agree that being a foole is a very bad thing. But why? What are they really saying?   Don’t do whatever you’re about to do. Don’t be stupid. Or silly. … Continue reading »

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How to Hack the Corporate Game

Want to know how to win the Corporate Game? You can’t. Really. It’s impossible.  The Corporate Game is a mind-boggling battle for power and money. Millions of people spend much of their lives playing and they never even come close to winning.  The odds are stacked against you. Why play? Great question. Seems obvious. If … Continue reading »

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Dating Game Decipher: Vaporships with Disappearing Future Fakers

Have you ever thought you were starting a relationship with someone but it turned out to be imaginary?  That person seemed to be what you were looking for. Said all the right things.  Flirted and flattered and filled your head with a romantic fun-filled future.  You bantered and connected and it felt so easy.  He … Continue reading »

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Game of Life Hacker Manual Now Available as eBooks

So this happened. On the Day of Fooles.  We planned to release the first two EMAG OF EFIL ebooks into the wild with much fanfare.  It was the perfect way to celebrate the auspicious occasion. We were very excited indeed. Until we discovered that it takes 12+ hours for the titles to actually appear in the … Continue reading »

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