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EMAG OF EFIL: The 8 Missions to Hack Life & Boost Happiness

Posted by on 15/08/2018

emag-of-efil-8-missions-to-hack-lifeAre you looking for a way to change your Life? Have you tried to “play the game” but found it fake, frustrating, and unfulfilling? Does the self-help-transformation stuff out there seem way too woo-woo and serious? Well, now there’s another option: The 8 Missions.

What are the 8 Missions?

The 8 Missions are a strategy to help you hack Life. They’re highly effective. But only if you don’t take them seriously. The 8 Missions are a playful method to majorly upgrade your system. They’re based on ancient tech and proven by modern science so they’re not just a bunch of foolishness. But rest assured, they’re quite foolish indeed. In fact, the 8 Missions are the most foolish Game of Life hack ever released.

How do the 8 Missions work?

The 8 Missions help you bypass your BS programming and level up. They guide you through a process to clear out old files, free up space, defrag your brain and body, access hidden memory, download new software, and install an open source program that boosts your positive processing power. The 8 Missions empower you to lighten up, let go, and liberate yourself from BS. They teach you the tricks to bypass your negative Bogus Self so you can generate and sustain positive energy. (Not the fake smile I’m fine but I’m not kind of positive energy. The real I’m feeling awesome like my true self kind of power.) By enhancing your abilities, the 8 Missions allow you to perform at full capacity. They empower you to be more aware, resilient, free, balanced, grateful, joyful, connected, and kind. The 8 Missions help you build your character and boost your well-being so you can live at a higher level. You’ll still face challenges but they’ll no longer become set-backs. Life becomes a more fulfilling adventure, a profound learning experience, a series of opportunities that you create. The 8 Missions make the Game of Life easier to master and more fun to play.

Why are they called 8 Missions?

We call them Missions because all potential recruits must complete them in order to be considered for secret agent status. All secret agents complete missions. But you could call them quests if you prefer. They’ve also been called the 8 Riddles because they have many layers of meaning. We will provide clues about how to approach each mission but you must decide what they mean to you. The Foolish Wisdom hidden in this Game can only be accessed by direct experience. So be open and prepared to hack your own mind. Crazy 8 is a magic number that helps unlock the Cosmic Joke. The 8 Missions will challenge you to think and feel and grow and learn new ways of being.


What are the actual 8 Missions?

The 8 Missions are as follows. Be aware, they may appear as total nonsense when you first encounter them. That is quite deliberate. Encoded in the 8 Missions is an upgrade sequence that bypasses your every-day BS thinking. This type of nonsense code allows you to access a new program that we call the Way of the Foole. All agents must learn the Way of the Foole in order to level up in the Game. We know you’re up to the challenge. That’s why you’re here. We’ve been expecting you. So, without further ado, here are the 8 Missions:

  1. Question everything.
  2. Find the funny.
  3. Lose your mind.
  4. Balance out.
  5. Give thanks a bunch.
  6. Play to learn.
  7. Connect the polka dots.
  8. Give a hoot.

What do I get when I complete a mission?

Each mission allows you to earn #foolepoints and enhance your character skills.

The missions help you hack your programming and free yourself from the BS. That’s the Bogus Self who can feel stuck, frustrated, fearful, angry, miserable and hopelessly lost and alone in this absurd existence. EoE is a happiness counter-program that allows you to free your mind, body, emotions, and self.

Although they can be completed out of order, each mission requires skills built in the previous missions. As you move through the missions you level up your Awareness and Freedom.

What is the purpose of #foolepoints?

Life didn’t have an easy point system until now. Earning #foolepoints is way easier than Cool Points or Brownie Points or Status Points or One Up Points.

#foolepoints is the code to let other players know you are playing EMAG OF EFIL and have initiated your system upgrade

#foolepoints are code for Free Points. You earn them by thwarting Trolls and their icky programming. By posting your #foolepoints, you let other EMAG OF EFIL players know that you are hacking your system and upgrading to a higher level. This simple act of rebellion helps inspire others to wake up and override their programming. But if anyone asks, this is just a silly game to help you be happier and is not a covert operation to train you to be a secret agent.

Can you give me a hint about how to fulfill the 8 Missions?

We will be providing posts with helpful tips on how to fulfill each mission. In the meantime, here are some clues to get you started. Remember, the 8 Missions are about shifting your state of being so think of them as the 8 Be’s.

  1. Be aware.
  2. Be resilient.
  3. Be free.
  4. Be balanced & grounded.
  5. Be grateful.
  6. Be joyful.
  7. Be connected with others.
  8. Be kind.

Each mission builds on the previous one and gives a boost to your being. When you reach the core of each mission, you’ll be ready for the next one. As your questioning gets deeper, you’ll need your humor to handle whatever comes up. When you glimpse the absurdity of the world, you will be ready to free yourself from Bogusworld. Once you lose your programmed mind, you will need to find healthy balance and get grounded in this reality. After you manage that feat, your True Self will be filled with gratitude and ready to go enjoy your Life. It will then naturally be time to connect with others who are playing the Game at the same level as you. This leads to fulfilling your purpose which starts with practicing the Golden Rule.


How do the 8 Missions upgrade my system?

The goal of the 8 Missions is to enhance your character so you can enter the higher levels of the Game. As you become clearer, stronger, lighter, healthier, happier and more purposeful you will find the Game of Life much easier to navigate. In fact, you will find that it becomes a whole new Game. The 8 Missions help you optimize your biobot and enhance your abilities so you can perform at full capacity. You’ll actually be reprograming yourself in order to integrate new coded information that will allow you to level up. The 8 Missions expand your mind capability, enhance your sensors, balance your emotional meters and bio-system, and launch your advanced character mode. It’s a bio-psycho-spiritual reboot that allows you to play the Mega Game.

The missions help you hack your programming and free yourself from BS. This Bogus Self programming is what can make you feel stuck, frustrated, miserable, hopelessly lost and alone in this absurd existence. EMAG OF EFIL is a happiness counter-program that allows you to free your mind, body, emotions, and self from the negative BS that’s infected your system. Once you choose to play EMAG OF EFIL and fulfill the 8 Missions, you’ll learn the secrets of Humorism to become a reality hacker. You’ll discover how to embrace your perfectly imperfect nature and celebrate your flips, flops, and fails like a pro. With only 8 Missions, you can learn the secrets to experiencing peaceful abundance and becoming a free spirit.

Warning: EMAG OF EFIL can make you go funny in the head.



Fulfilling the 8 Missions will empower you to access truth files and free your mind. Of course, the Trolls don’t want you to access the truth because it will set you free. And they are not fans of freedom. So, if anyone asks, tell them you’re playing a silly game. That it’s some sort of joke. Do not tell them that you’re upgrading your system so you can become a secret agent reality hacker. When they ask why you have that sly smile on your face, just tell them it was something you 8. If they laugh then perhaps they are also ready to upgrade. If you think they’re secret agent material then you can give them a link to EMAG OF EFIL. That would actually earn you points for Mission 8. But we recommend that you start with the first mission.

Warning: The Trolls don’t want you to master the 8 Missions.


If anyone asks, just tell them that you’re playing a foolish game. No need to mention that you’re training to become a free agent for an ancient top-secret organization known as the Temple of the Cosmic Joke. Definitely do not tell them that your goal is to think, feel, behave and believe independently. And best not to share that you’re hacking the Fear Program so you can be a free spirit and enjoy your life. The Trolls don’t want you to know any of this. They want you to stay asleep under their control in Bogusworld. It’ll be our little secret that you’re accessing powerful tools to set yourself free and initiate your Happiness Program. So, come join our outrageous game and we’ll all hack this BS together. Welcome to EMAG OF EFIL!

You probably have A LOT of questions right now. Excellent. That means you’re ready to question everything. Click here for Mission 1. We’re delighted you’ve chosen to play EMAG OF and master your world. Life is a Game. You can hack it. Good luck!

Click here for info on how to play EMAG OF EFIL.

Click here to access Mission 1.


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